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600W/700W/800W Waterproof IP67 Power Microinverter

(2 IN 1 UNIT )The 600W/700W/800W micro inverter with reactive power control for 2 solar panels. It can realize  solar panel independently monitor.One microinverter can connect two solar panels.

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FOTOVO 2MPPT design solar power microinverter

Product Details

  • Single microinverter connects two PV modules with individual MPPT 
  • Peak output power up to 600/700/800W; Adapted to 60 & 72 cells PV panels
  • Peak efficiency 96.70%; CEC weighted efficiency 96.50% 
  • Static MPPT efficiency 99.80%; Dynamic MPPT efficiency 99.76% in overcast weather
  • High reliability; NEMA6 (IP67) enclosure; 6000V surge protection

Solar System Wiring Diagram

How to Apply Microinverter in an AC-Coupled Solar Battery System?

AC-coupled solar battery system as shown , is the connection of a battery energy storage system to a solar system via AC (alternating current) electricity.

② Energy from a solar system is generated in the form of DC (direct current) electricity which is then turned into AC by the solar microinverters. 

A battery bi-directional / multimode inverter connected to the same electrical network via AC then converts any spare energy not used by the home back into DC so it can be stored in a battery.

The AC-coupled solar battery system is more complicated than the traditional grid-tied PV inverter system. But this kind of system can even work when grid outage or the system is the type of off grid. 

For now, more and more manufacturers have launched AC-coupled solar battery system. Some of these solutions are integrated PV inverters, which others require the installers to select the grid-tied PV inverters to integrate with their battery system.

Technical Parameter

Model  GSM600W GSM700W GSM800W
Input Data(DC)
Commonly used module power(W) 240-380
280-440 320-500
Module cmpatibility 60 cells or 72 cells PV modules
60 cells or 72 cells PV modules
60 cells or 72 cells PV modules
Peak power MPPT voltage range(V) 29-48
33-48 34-48
Start-up voltage(V) 22
22 22
Operating voltage range(V) 16-60
16-60 16-60
Maximum input voltage(V) 60 60 60
Maximum input current(V) 2*11.5
Output Data(AC)
Rated output power(W) 600 700 800
Rated output current(A) 2.73/2.61/2.5 3.18/3.04/2.92 3.64/3.48/3.33
Nominal output voltage(A) 220/230/240 220/230/240 220/230/240
Nominal output voltage range(V)
180-275 180-275
Nominal frequency/range(Hz) 60/55-65 60/55-65
Power factor >0.99 >0.99 >0.99
Total harmonic distortion <3% <3% <3%
Maximum units per branch 8/8/8 7/7/7 6/6/6
CEC peak efficiency 96.7% 96.7% 96.7%
CEC weighted efficiency 96.5% 96.5%
Nominal MPPT efficiency 99.8% 99.8%
Nighttime power consumption(mW) <50 <50
Mechanical Data
Ambient temerature range (℃) -40~+65
Dimensions (WxHxD mm) 250x170x28
Weight (KG) 3.0(including 2.32m AC cable)
Enclosure rating Outdoor-IP67
Cooling Natural convection-No fans

2. 4GHz Proprietary RF(Nordic)

Monitoring Monitoring system
Warranty Up to 25 years

UL1741,IEEE1547, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-16,NOM-001-SCFI-1993, FCC Part15,

ANSI C63.4, ICES-003, ABNT NBR 16149: 2013,ABNT NBR 16150: 2013,Anatel

Microinverter Advantages

1.Safer:The solar panels are connected in parallel, and the system has no DC high voltage.

2.No cask effect, more power generation:The solar panels are independent from each other, without cask effect, 

and the actual system efficiency can be maximized.

3.Wide range of application:A good solution to the multi-orientation, shaded roof system; Surrounding environment dust, flying flocculant more complex scene.

4.Simple system:The combination of PV moduels and micro inverter is modular, which simplifies design and construction and reduces system cost.

5.Flexible system design:Allow the design and connection of solar panels which has different powers, brands and types in the same system.

6.Smart monitoring:PV module-level monitoring to reduce later operation、maintenance and repair costs.

7.Long service life:The service life of the micro-inverter is up to 25 years, and the comprehensive investment cost is lower than the traditional system, and the cost performance is higher.




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FOTOVO solar has become synonymous with high performing, top quality photovoltaic modules and specializes in PV technology innovation, application and system development. The company is a key component supplier,system integrator and project developer..

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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