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  • How to maximize the efficiency of your solar system: Steps
    • November 24. 2023

    The world faces 2 significant worries currently, i.e., the expanding cost of living and climate change . That's why there is a growing significance of going solar, as it supplies a greener and extra affordable means to fulfill power requirements. For that reason, many governments are motivating households to take into consideration the building of a home solar energy system. So, this article gives...

  • Photovoltaic power generation: Solar and photovoltaic
    • November 17. 2023

    The difference between solar and photovoltaic: Solar energy is a natural source of energy, derived from the light and heat emitted by the sun. It can be used by humans in many ways, such as heating, electricity generation and so on. Solar energy is simply the energy we get from the sun. So what is photovoltaic? Photovoltaic (PV) refers to the technology that converts sunlight directly into electri...

  • The rooftop solar surge in South Africa is like nothing ever seen before
    • November 06. 2023

    In just over a year, South Africa has seen a 349% surge in rooftop solar capacity. South Africa's electrical power system remains  in crisis. The African continent's third-largest economic climate has faced rolling blackouts-- referred to as 'loadshedding'-- since 2007 due to problems with the ageing coal power plants that provide a lot of the country's electricity. Some 15 of South Africa's ...

  • From Roof Panels to Large-Scale Farms: Different Applications of Solar Power
    • October 27. 2023

    As the globe comes to be much more mindful of the demand for lasting and renewable energy sources, solar power has become a leading competitor in the race to deal with climate modification. Solar power takes advantage of the power of the sun and converts it into usable electrical power, making it an eco-friendly and cost-efficient choice for both domestic and commercial usage. In this write-up, we...

  • How to choose the right solar photovoltaic system
    • October 13. 2023

    Looking for the right solar home system for your house? It's a great way to reduce energy costs and help the environment. By harnessing solar energy, you can meet your energy needs without paying for it. Plus, these rechargeable energy storage systems require minimal maintenance, resulting in low running costs. However, we understand that selecting the right solar home system can be overwhelming. ...

  • TOPCon vs PERC: A Battle of Solar Cell Technologies
    • September 27. 2023

    Recent research conducted by Germany's Fraunhofer ISE suggests that TOPCon solar cells are well on their way to fully competing with PERC solar products. However, for the TOPCon concept to gain a larger market share, efficiency improvements are necessary due to higher production costs compared to PERC technology. To address this challenge, a recent study outlines a series of cost-driven strategies...

  • Accounting for a significant 73%, rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems have become the major contributor to the installed PV capacity in the UK
    • August 11. 2023

    According to a recent research report released by a consulting firm, 73% of the new photovoltaic (PV) systems added in the UK in 2022 came from residential rooftop PV systems. This signifies the fastest growth rate in installed capacity for rooftop PV systems in the UK since 2016. While this is seen as good news for the development of the UK solar industry, it does bring about some complex issues....

  • Uneven Growth in Overseas Photovoltaic Market as Inventory Impact Slowly Ferments
    • August 11. 2023

    According to InfoLink China Customs data, China exported a total of 18.08 GW of solar photovoltaic modules in June, a slight decrease of 5% compared to 18.99 GW in May. The cumulative exports for the first half of 2023 reached 106.1 GW, representing a 35% increase compared to the same period last year, indicating a rapid growth in the overseas market in the first half of the year. 1.European Marke...

  • N-type TOPCon Solar Panels: Innovative Power Generation for a Sustainable Future
    • August 04. 2023

    With the increasing demand for clean energy, solar power technology has garnered significant attention and research. Among the latest advancements in solar technology, In the field of  N-type, there are still many choices of technical routes such as TOPCon, HJT, IBC, HBC, etc., as well as the rapid rise of disruptive technologies such as perovskite. N-type TOPCon solar panels have emerged as ...

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