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  • ELEMAC Unveils 715W Heterojunction Solar Module
    • January 06. 2023

    China’s ELEMAC Company launched a new line of five heterojunction (HJT) solar modules in 2022, with power outputs ranging from 680W HJT solar modules  to 700 W HJT solar modules. The company has now added a new 715 W HJT solar module to the series. ELEMAC has unveiled new bifacial, dual-glass HJT solar panels for ground-mounted PV applications.   The Chinese PV module manufacturer origin...

  • Panasonic Unveils 410W Solar Panel with 22.2% Efficiency
    • November 25. 2022

    Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic has launched a new residential heterojunction solar panel series that is compatible with its Evervolt lithium-ion storage solution for residential solar installations. The 410W heterojunction solar panel and 400W heterojunction solar panel series is made with 66 half-cut cells and features a power output ranging from 400 to 410 W. It also shows a power c...

  • Solar PV to Overtake Onshore Wind in Latin America From 2023
    • November 18. 2022

    Solar PV will become the most cost-competitive technology in Latin America from 2023, according to ELEMAC latest research report, ‘Latin America levelized cost of electricity (LCOE)’ which examines the power technology and generation landscape across the region to 2050. Solar will also displace onshore wind, currently the most attractive renewable energy source in Brazil, by 2025. ELEMAC, forecast...

  • 31 questions about N type TOPCon technology process
    • November 11. 2022

    1. Cost reduction potential of TOPCon cost reduction. The potential for TOPCon cost reduction is great. As the performance of the cell process continues to improve, the cost of non-silicon will inevitably decrease; In addition, the consumption of silver pulp and the reduction of the cost of space is also very large; Low investment leads to low depreciation cost of the whole equipment; In addition,...

  • "Photovoltaic + Energy Storage" - The Era of Home Solar Systems in Europe Has Arrived
    • November 04. 2022

    Home Solar Systems are booming in overseas According to the latest "European Household Battery Energy Storage Market Outlook 209-2025" report released by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, the growth of household battery energy storage in Europe is booming. In 2020, about 140,000 home solar systems were installed in Europe, with the installed capacity reaching 1,072 MWH in just one ye...

  • Solar Home Solar System Could Power Half a Billion People by 2030, World Bank Says
    • October 28. 2022

    Home Solar System have the potential to meet the electricity needs of nearly half a billion people in unpowered or underserved areas of the world and become a cost-effective solution to close the energy access gap by 2030. However, governments and industry have to work together to realise the full potential by identifying home solar system opportunities, driving costs down and overcoming financing...

  • Help you Better Understand Photovoltaic Solar Energy
    • October 21. 2022

    As an important type of renewable energy, photovoltaic solar energy is strongly supported by the state. It is of great importance to formulate basic standards and norms for the industry and guide the healthy and orderly development of the industry. As technology continues to advance, new business opportunities emerge, and legislative mandates need to be advanced, interoperability standards may be ...

  • 4 Advantages of Solar Energy
    • October 11. 2022

    With the increasing concerns over the use of non-renewable energy, such as coal and oil, solar energy has become many people’s preferred method of energy generation. You may have seen homes with solar panels and home solar system and some battery in the garden popping up in your local area. The benefits of solar energy or extensive but only recently have they become more widely recognized among th...

  • The Comparison Component technology parsing by Different Solar Panel Battery Technologies
    • September 30. 2022

    The differences in power generation of different solar cell technology modules in different regions on the map are mainly due to the temperature coefficient, double-sided ratio and power attenuation of the solar modules. The extremely stable temperature coefficient, higher double-sided ratio and higher power retention ratio of HJT solar panels bring higher power generation gain and more stable pow...

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