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  • Solar plus storage: Hybrid renewables become new normal in US
    • September 09. 2022

    Last year was a bumper year for ‘hybrid’ power plants across the US, thanks to falling battery prices and the growth of varied renewable energy generation, according to a new report by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. A hybrid plant is any power plant that combines either multiple different types of power generation (say wind and solar) or a combination of power generation and storage. A...

  • The BIPV era has arrived
    • April 22. 2022

    The most effective way to control carbon emissions is to replace traditional energy sources with clean energy sources and promote the transformation of energy structure as soon as possible. Among the various types of clean energy, the rapid progress of photovoltaic technology in the past decade has led to a rapid decline in the cost of photovoltaic power generation, making it the most economical a...

  • "N-type" type era ---- HJT or TopCon?
    • April 01. 2022

    As solar cell conversion efficiency continues to improve, P-type solar cells are approaching the efficiency limit of 24.5%, and fail to completely solve the phenomenon of light decay generated by P-type silicon wafer-based cells, these factors make it difficult to have further development of P-type silicon cells. "The year 2022 is widely considered to be the first year of v"N-type" modules. 1.N-ty...

  • P-type? N-type? The future of PV module technology from system economics
    • April 01. 2022

    Looking back at the development of the PV industry, the technology update and iteration of the cell is the core. The three cell technologies that have been discussed more are Top-con, PERC and HJT. In terms of technical difficulty, Top-con and HJT are higher and PERC is lower. PERC has been used in a large number of mature applications in the industry, and the production cost is relatively low, wh...

  • 0.2 ¥/W premium! N-type modules open a new era of photovoltaic
    • March 18. 2022

    In recent years, PERC cell efficiency space is gradually exhausted, in the background of rising costs of materials, transportation, land, etc., further improve the conversion efficiency, reduce system costs, accelerate N-type technology iteration and upgrade, is becoming the first choice for PV companies to occupy the competitive advantage of the industry chain. The reason for the existence of a l...

  • The differences between mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline
    • February 18. 2022

    At present, PV modules are mainly made of mono-crystalline silicon wafers and poly-crystalline silicon wafers, so should I choose mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline silicon? What is the difference between them? 1.Appearance From the appearance of the above, the four corners of the mono-crystalline silicon cells show a rounded shape, no pattern on the surface. While the four corners of poly-cryst...

  • Solar PV Water Pumping System
    • January 26. 2022

    The basic principle of "PV Water Pumping System", also called "Solar PV Water Pumping System", is to use solar cells to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy, and then drive all kinds of motors to drive the water pump to carry water from deep wells, rivers, lakes, ponds and other water sources. It has many advantages such as no noise, fully automatic and high reliability, and good a...

  • Shingled Solar Technology is Beginning to Show its Edge
    • January 11. 2022

    Shingled solar technology interconnects cell slices with conductive adhesive, eliminating solder tape welding, reducing shading area and line loss, saving space, encapsulating 13% more cells than conventional 60-type modules, and increasing power by more than 20W, significantly higher than other technologies such as half-sheet and MBB. However, the cost has to be further reduced compared with conv...

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