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Do you know about on-grid or off-grid system?

  • 2021-10-12 16:00:02

Solar on-grid and off-grid systems are forms of systems that convert solar energy into electric energy through inverters.

Are you faced with the question of which one is better?

The basic difference between the two is that on-grid works with the grid system, while Off-Grid works independently. In the off-grid system, the energy storage battery will work with the system together. When it's rainy or dark, the solar battery outputs power; when it's sunny, the solar panel recharges it. That will create an internal continuous cycle in off grid solar system.However, if you are in a region where electricity is plentiful, on-grid solar system will be better able to meet demand. The state grid will act as a free transmission medium for you.

On Grid Solar Power System

So what about places where there is high electricity power shortage ?

That is where the off-grid solar system is effective. The type of off-grid system works even when there is no supply from the solar panels or when in the rainy days or snowy days.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems

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