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  • The Coming Of Age Of High-Efficiency Micro Inverters
    • January 06. 2022

    With the gradual development and improvement of the household market, the advantages of micro inverters in terms of safety have received more and more attention. Micro inverter system adopts full parallel circuit design, which can give priority to inverting the DC power of each module into AC power and then connect to the grid, only about 60V DC voltage exists, which has the advantage of natural n...

  • Shingled Solar Technology is Beginning to Show its Edge
    • January 11. 2022

    Shingled solar technology interconnects cell slices with conductive adhesive, eliminating solder tape welding, reducing shading area and line loss, saving space, encapsulating 13% more cells than conventional 60-type modules, and increasing power by more than 20W, significantly higher than other technologies such as half-sheet and MBB. However, the cost has to be further reduced compared with conv...

  • Classification of Photovoltaic Inverters
    • January 21. 2022

    Energy storage system integrate the functions of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation + energy storage power stations, storing electricity when it is in surplus and inverting the stored electricity to output to the grid when it is in shortage, playing the role of peak shaving and valley filling, which is one of the main development directions in the future. The PV inverter is the control c...

  • PV Off-grid System Configuration Points Introduction
    • February 11. 2022

    PV modules, off-grid inverters (including PV chargers/inverters), energy storage batteries (lead-acid/GEL/lead-carbon/tertiary lithium/LiFePo4, etc.), PV mounts, cables, and distribution boxes are all important components of off-grid PV systems. The biggest difference between off-grid systems and on-grid systems is that on-grid systems take investment income as the premise of calculation, while of...

  • PV energy storage system -- PV off-grid system configuration points explained
    • February 25. 2022

    PV energy storage system, generally refers to applications with PV modules, including energy storage batteries and other related equipment in the system. According to whether the stored energy needs to be sold on the grid, PV energy storage system can be divided into PV off-grid system and PV on/off-grid hybrid system. Here, we mainly focus on the PV off-grid system to make a brief introduction. P...

  • What is the microinverter?
    • September 26. 2022

    The formal name of microinverter is "photovoltaic microinverter", which refers to the inverter with power ≤1000W and component-level MPPT in the solar system. According to the number of solar panel modules connected by the microinverter, the current products are mainly divided into three types:  the microinverter connecting one solar panel, the microinverter connecting two solar panels, and t...

  • Powering whole homes with solar + storage is now possible — and smart
    • March 31. 2023

    American were expected to have installed a record 5.6 GW of Solar Energy Systems For Home in 2023, according to BloombergNEF. While the residential storage market has been slower to take off, various factors may indicate that consumers could be willing to include batteries along with their Solar Power System. Technology has continued to evolve, and manufacturers have developed some exciting soluti...

  • Photovoltaic Inverter Industry Development: Global Photovoltaic Inverter Market Continues to Grow Rapidly
    • July 06. 2023

    1.The global photovoltaic inverter development situation (1)Market demand From the demand side, the growth of the inverter industry is mainly driven by the global demand for new PV installations, replacement demand for existing inverters, and the installation demand for energy storage inverters driven by the outbreak of the electrochemical energy storage market. In 2022, the global PV market deman...

  • String inverters have seen a rapid increase in market share, with a significant rise in overseas demand
    • July 14. 2023

    Global Inverter Market Demand Situation 1.Market demand situation In 2021, the global photovoltaic market demand exceeded expectations with approximately 170GW of new installed capacity, representing a year-on-year growth of 31%. The increasing installed capacity in the market also drives the demand for photovoltaic inverters, and with the gradual expansion of cumulative photovoltaic installations...

  • Micro Inverter VS Optimizer: A Secure and Stable Smart Energy Solution
    • July 28. 2023

    With the widespread adoption and expanding applications of photovoltaic (PV) systems, users have raised higher requirements for the safety, power generation capacity, flexibility, and intelligent operation and maintenance of solar power plants. Meanwhile, micro inverters, as a new type of PV on-grid system device, offer a range of advantages compared to traditional optimizers. 1.Strengthened Safet...

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