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  • Do you know about on-grid or off-grid system?
    • October 12. 2021

    Solar on-grid and off-grid systems are forms of systems that convert solar energy into electric energy through inverters. Are you faced with the question of which one is better? The basic difference between the two is that on-grid works with the grid system, while Off-Grid works independently. In the off-grid system, the energy storage battery will work with the system together. When it's rainy or...

  • Solar PV Water Pumping System
    • January 26. 2022

    The basic principle of "PV Water Pumping System", also called "Solar PV Water Pumping System", is to use solar cells to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy, and then drive all kinds of motors to drive the water pump to carry water from deep wells, rivers, lakes, ponds and other water sources. It has many advantages such as no noise, fully automatic and high reliability, and good a...

  • PV Off-grid System Configuration Points Introduction
    • February 11. 2022

    PV modules, off-grid inverters (including PV chargers/inverters), energy storage batteries (lead-acid/GEL/lead-carbon/tertiary lithium/LiFePo4, etc.), PV mounts, cables, and distribution boxes are all important components of off-grid PV systems. The biggest difference between off-grid systems and on-grid systems is that on-grid systems take investment income as the premise of calculation, while of...

  • PV energy storage system -- PV off-grid system configuration points explained
    • February 25. 2022

    PV energy storage system, generally refers to applications with PV modules, including energy storage batteries and other related equipment in the system. According to whether the stored energy needs to be sold on the grid, PV energy storage system can be divided into PV off-grid system and PV on/off-grid hybrid system. Here, we mainly focus on the PV off-grid system to make a brief introduction. P...

  • How to calculate the module power of PV off-grid system?
    • March 03. 2022

    The module power is confirmed according to the daily power consumption of the customer. The design principle of the module is to meet the daily power demand of the load under average weather conditions, which means that the annual power generation of the solar module should be equal to the annual power consumption of the load. Because weather conditions are below and above average, solar modules a...

  • Precautions before Installation of Solar System
    • September 29. 2022

    In United States, solar is the fastest growing source of energy, with more than 3 million solar systems in the country. In fact, about 1 million solar systems were installed in the country between 2020 and 2022 alone, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. There's never been a better time to think about investing in solar energy. There are many solar system providers for consumers to choose f...

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