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  • 0.2 ¥/W premium! N-type modules open a new era of photovoltaic
    • March 18. 2022

    In recent years, PERC cell efficiency space is gradually exhausted, in the background of rising costs of materials, transportation, land, etc., further improve the conversion efficiency, reduce system costs, accelerate N-type technology iteration and upgrade, is becoming the first choice for PV companies to occupy the competitive advantage of the industry chain. The reason for the existence of a l...

  • "N-type" type era ---- HJT or TopCon?
    • April 01. 2022

    As solar cell conversion efficiency continues to improve, P-type solar cells are approaching the efficiency limit of 24.5%, and fail to completely solve the phenomenon of light decay generated by P-type silicon wafer-based cells, these factors make it difficult to have further development of P-type silicon cells. "The year 2022 is widely considered to be the first year of v"N-type" modules. 1.N-ty...

  • The Comparison of Global Power Generation Map by Different Solar Panel Battery Technologies
    • September 30. 2022

    With the rapid development of P-type solar panel to N-typesolar panel technology, the power generation gain of different products has attracted more and more attention. At present, there are three mainstream solar panel battery technology routes in the market, such as PERC solar panel, TOPCon solar panel and HJT solar panel, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. However, by the comparati...

  • The Comparison of PVSYST Parsing by Different Solar Panel Battery Technologies
    • September 30. 2022

    From the influence factors of power generation, we choose the typical low temperature and high temperature application environment respectively for analysis. Low-temperature Application environment Low temperature application environment, Harbin is selected as a typical area. Harbin is located near 45.9° north latitude, with an average annual temperature of 4.7 ° c and a total horizontal radiation...

  • The Comparison Component technology parsing by Different Solar Panel Battery Technologies
    • September 30. 2022

    The differences in power generation of different solar cell technology modules in different regions on the map are mainly due to the temperature coefficient, double-sided ratio and power attenuation of the solar modules. The extremely stable temperature coefficient, higher double-sided ratio and higher power retention ratio of HJT solar panels bring higher power generation gain and more stable pow...

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