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Does PV module color difference affect power generation?

  • March 09, 2022

Does PV module color difference affect power generation?

Science: Module color difference does not affect the service life of the power plant and power generation

The color ofsolar cells is actually mainly affected by a velvet production process, and the color difference is divided into three types: flower, red and part of the yin and yang.
Red flake: mainly caused by the low amount of downy corrosion, if the amount of downy corrosion is lower than 3, the damage layer of the silicon wafer will not be removed completely, resulting in the overall red color after PE coating.
Flower wafer: is due to the amount of velvet corrosion is too high, generally speaking, the amount of velvet corrosion is higher than 4.5, the silicon wafer is equivalent to the polishing process, the coated wafer is bright, the crystal boundary is also more obvious.

Yin and Yang wafers: can be divided into the following two cases, one is the immersion situation, and the other is the deviation of the corrosion amount between each channel. The immersion problem arises in the production process, by the front and rear rollers and the front baffle level, the silicon wafer when entering the velvet trough, there is a time difference between the liquid contacting the silicon wafer.

In summary, the common color ofpoly-crystalline silicon cells is dark blue, but the PV modules are affected by the production process, which will make the modules appear color difference. The color deviation is normal, and even qualified PV modules may have some color deviation, which will not affect the service life and power generation of the power plant. At the same time, the color deviation problem can be effectively solved by adjusting the production process.

Here are the criteria to judge good PV solar module.

1. On the whole, the surface color of the cells within the same batch of modules should be uniform and consistent, with no obvious color difference, broken grids, scratches, wrinkles, cracks, indelible objects, defective damage, and oxidation spots on the solder joints on the glass surface.

2. Each string of cells in the module and the interconnection strip welding alignment neatly, welding without deviation, no chipping, gap, oil, hidden cracks, oxidation around the phenomenon, uniform spacing between the battery strings, no obvious deviation, no pile of tin, oxidation phenomenon on the surface of the welding tape.

3. There is no bubble or delamination in the cover layer of the component, the level is clear and transparent, no dirt inside and no miscellaneous colors.

4. The aluminum frame of the module should be neat and tidy without corrosion spots, and the interface is compact without obvious gaps, sharpness and burrs.

5. The sealing edge of silica gel should be uniform without the phenomenon of local pile of glue.

6. The junction box should be clearly marked, firmly bonded, and firmly fastened.

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