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FOTOVO 20KW Technical Support Hybrid Solar Inverter

It is widely used in remote mountainous areas,no power areas,island,as well as communication,transportation,energy storage systems and so on.

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FOTOVO Three Phases 20kw  Hybrid Solar Inverter 

  • On-line working mode,high-speed stacic switch switch switching.
  • Adopting multi-mode design,meeting the needs of different system power supply.
  • Using multi-feed type converter circuit structure,the energy of solar energy,power supply and battery can be distributed freely.
  • Suitable for wide range input of mains power,the input rectifier circuit adopts bidirectional converter .The power can be fed into the rectifier to supply power to the inverter,or the residual energy of the solar energy can be fed back to the grid.

Technical Details

Model FTV-20KW
Rated output capacity 20KW
Main functional unit Solar MPPT controller,Mains double rectifier,Inverter double converter,Battery double converter
Isolation type Non-isolated high frequency
Type of double conversion converter IGBT Three level converter
Maximum input capacity  10kwx2 
Rated operating voltage 500v
Maximum input voltage 800v
MPPT range 400-800v
Maximum input current 25Ax2
Input line 2 input lines
Rated operating voltage 220/380Vac
Rated operating frequency 50/60hz
Input voltage range ±25%。-40%
Input frequency range ±10%
Maximum input power capacity 30KW
Maximum output 20KW
Rated operating voltage 
Rated voltage 240V(192V-288VCan be adjucted)



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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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