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FOTOVO 7.8KW-11.7KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

The application of hybrid solar inverter is Villa,Communication base station,Nomadic area,Farm,Household and Field power supply.

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FOTOVO 7.8kw -11.7kw 120V/240V Hybrid Solar Inverter For Energy Storage (UL Standard)

System Wiring Diagram

  • Maximum efficiency up to 98.2%.
  • 4 independent MPPT design,making full use of light energy in different directions.
  • Distributed virtual power station management node.
  • Remote monitoring of computers and mobile phones.

Technical Details

Model GSH-7.8KW GSH-10KW GSH-10.4KW GSH-11.7KW
PV input power 7.8kw 10kw 10.4kw 11.7kw
MPPT number4 4
Start-up voltage  120
Mppt voltage range 125-500V
Max PV input voltage 500V
Each MPPT input current 12A
AC output(on grid)
Rated AC output 120V/240V 120V/240V 120V/240V 120V/240V
AC output voltage 211-264V@240V
AC output frequency 50/60HZ
Max output current
27.3A 34.5A 36.4A 40.9A
AC reverse charging yes
Power factor 0.8leading...0.8lagging
THDI <2%
Backup AC output
Rated Backup output power 6KVA 7.6KVA 8KVA 9KVA
Backup AC output Voltage 110-120/220-240 SPLIT PHASE
AC Frequncy 50/60HZ
Output  THDI <2%
Max charge &discharge current 80A/80A
Battery voltage range 85V-400V
Battery capacity range 6.6 to 66KWH
Battery type  Lithium/Lead-acid
Communication CAN,RS485
Max efficiency  >=98.2%
CEC efficiency >=97.2%




1. What about the quality of the mounting support?
A: The quality requirements for solar modules and grid-connected inverter support systems: 10 years without rusting, 20 years without degradation of steel, and 25 years still with some structural stability.

2.Are your Hybrid solar system certifications complete?

A:Sure,We have exported hybrid systems to more than 30 countries, covering Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia.  The certification is very complete .

3. What if the power generation system shows abnormal power output?

A: 1. whether the module is over-matched 2. whether the module is shaded 3. whether the module is abnormal 4. whether the module orientation and inverter working mode 5. whether the grid connection distance is appropriate.

4.The advantages of home photovoltaic system?

A: Solar photovoltaic power generation performance is stable and reliable, with a service life of more than 25 years; Small investment, big income; zero pollution; Low maintenance costs.

5.How do your company deal with the problem on quality?

A:Our company has been doing this industry for more than 10 years. It has already had a certain reputation. We will carefully analyze it. If it is indeed our quality problem, you can rest assured that it will do things according to the contract agreement and will never let you have any after the worries, our service team will be happy to serve you.

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FOTOVO solar has become synonymous with high performing, top quality photovoltaic modules and specializes in PV technology innovation, application and system development. The company is a key component supplier,system integrator and project developer..

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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