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Online show for our new and old customers

  • April 10, 2021
Online show for our new and old customers

Our company had a online show in April this year, during this show, we introduced the current situation of solar industry and our company histories, we also helped customers to solve their problems, we started out some typical questions as follows:

How to choose the power of the inverter?

Calculating the total power of your home appliances that will be used at a time.
Total power(w)=Rate Power A*qty+Rate Power B*qty+...
But please note that: AC, water heater, thermal pot, micro oven, hair dryer, iron etc, this kind of high power appliances, when calculating  the  max power,  you need to consider the surge power( normally it is 3 times of the rate power).

How to calculate the total energy consumption of a house?
Total energy(wh)=Total power(w)*using time of each appliance
How to decide the quantity of the battery?
Qty of battery=Total energy(wh)/12v/capacity of the battery(100ah, 150ah, 200ah)/0.8(depth of discharge)

How to decide the quantity of the solar panel?

When using MPPT:
Qty of solar panel=Total energy(wh)/power of each solar panel/4.5H( effective charging time)/0.75(efficiency)
When using PWM:
Qty of solar panel=Total capacity of the battery(ah)/charging current of the panel/4.5H( effective charging time)/0.75(efficiency)
Principle of choosing the controller:
PWM: Voltage of the solar panel should be about 1.5 times of the  system voltage.
Eg: 12v system:  panel voltage should be: 12*1.5=18v,
24v system: 24*1.5=36v
Current: the total current of the solar panel cannot be over the max current of the solar charge controller.
Eg:  each piece of 150W 18V solar panel, the current is: 150w/18v=8.33A, So 8.33*4pcs=33.32A, considering the loss, 4pcs is ok.
MPPT: Voltage of the solar panel should be from 90v-145v

Total power of the panel cannot be over: system voltage * max current of the controller
Eg: 60A MPPT controller using in 24v system, the max power is 60A*24V=1440W.


During this online show, we answered all the questions in details with old customers & new customers and they were very satisfied with our service. They said we had a really professional team and we gave them a lot of guidance and decision-making opinions. They said they would come to join our online show again, they are looking forward for next time and appericate a lot.

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